An ordinance is a law passed by a your City of Buffalo government. Ordinances for the City of Buffalo may be found below. 

All Ordinances can be viewed online except those with an asterick (*).  Those maybe viewed at the City Office


  1. Alcohol (Sale of) Ordinance
  2. Animal Control Ordinance (Cass County)
  3. Adoption of State Building Code
  4. BEK Communications Ordinance
  5. Building Permit Ordinance - (Must be signed by a council member before approved, for a Variance application, contact [email protected])
  6. Bulk Water Ordinance
  7. Compensation of Council Ordinance
  8. Curfew for Minors Ordinance
  9. Gas Franchise Ordinance
  10. Historic Preservation Commission Ordinance *
  11. Home Rule Charter and Sales Tax Ordinance
  12. Moving and Demolition Ordinance
  13. Municipal Court Ordinance
  14. Open Burning Ordinance
  15. ND State Open Burning Restrictions (ND 33.1-15-04)
  16. Parking Ordinance
  17. Public Nuisance Ordinance
  18. Sales Tax Ordinance
  19. Sale, Lease, Disposal of Property Ordinance *
  20. Speed Limit Ordinance
  21. Street Lights Fee Ordinance *
  22. Substandard, Unsafe, Dilapidated Structures Ordinance
  23. Sump Pump Ordinance
  24. Tree Ordinance
  25. Tree Pile Ordinance
  26. Water/Sewer System Ordinance - See Section 3 of Zoning
  27. Zoning

Resolutions by basic title, alphabetical order:

See Cass County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Resolution below (last item in list)